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Building up the roster to make it the as well-positioned as possible for the 2021 free agent class is an ideal goal for the Chicago Bulls this season.
There’s plenty that Chicago Bulls fans likely wish that the new front office regime could do this coming season to improve the roster before the 2021 trade deadline. Newly hired executive vice president of basketball operations and general manager Marc Eversley didn’t really get a legit chance to make a big splash move in free agency during the offseason.

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The Bulls were very cap strapped this offseason, largely thanks to veteran small forward Otto Porter Jr. choosing to opt in to the final year of his current contract (with a salary around $29 million for the year). There are other contracts on the books this season that aren’t doing the Bulls much good like those of overpaid big man Cristiano Felicio and veteran forward Thaddeus Young.

Moreover, there’s still a lot of value that Young could bring to the table for the Bulls, or another team around the NBA, but he wasn’t utilized well last season under the direction of former head coach Jim Boylen. The Bulls are paying Young at least around $13 million per year through the next two seasons of his current contract.

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Having contracts like that of OPJ and Young on the books for this season could actually be a good opportunity for Karnisovas and Eversley to make some big moves on the trade block come the 2021 deadline. Matching salaries likely won’t be a problem for the new front office regime.

And all of these various large contracts could mean that the Bulls could have a lot of trade chips to build up this roster in the best fashion possible to appeal to the fruitful 2021 free agent class.

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Nonetheless, here’s a look into three big early trade targets for the Bulls during the 2020-21 season.

Denzel Valentine: For some reason not entirely clear except perhaps for a presumed dislike of actor Denzel Washington, former coach Jim Boylen didn’t like the act of this Denzel. Valentine rarely played as he recovered from years of ankle problems. The new management apparently doesn’t share that view as they offered Valentine a qualifying offer instead of more highly drafted Kris Dunn. Valentine showed some shooting and playmaking form in the abbreviated team bubble workouts of late September, enough apparently to tease the new management. He could fit as a secondary playmaker and shooter for a possibly very deep bench as he also faces the end of his Bulls contract and free agency.

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Chandler Hutchison
Chandler Hutchison: The wing/forward has been a disappointment in his two Bulls seasons, rarely playing due to various injuries, missing more than half the games and shooting poorly. He’s shown flashes of athletic play, primarily in transition, and last season desperately attempted to play through injury before he was sidelined again. Much will tell with having nine months off to recover and shoot and whether his body can withstand NBA rigors. He’s a potential gem who could surprise. Or be headed for Europe.

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Daniel Gafford
Daniel Gafford: The jumping jack of a big man showed promise with his aggressive play, especially on defense. He also was prone to fouls and quick exits, not unusual for rookie second round picks. The Bulls are a small team, so his presence matters as long as he can remain present.

Luke Kornet
Luke Kornet: The perimeter seven footer is another on the way to free agency. He rarely played early with injuries and then began to show some shooting depth before being injured yet again. He’s another who’s somewhat frail with questions about surviving in the NBA game.

Ryan Arcidiacono
Ryan Arcidiacono: The undrafted floor burn point guard earned his way into the rotation and even the starting lineup more than expected as a coach’s favorite for his relentless hustle board game picking up the charges and loose balls and being that model the coach can point to on film. He’s got a credible shot he doesn’t attempt often enough and figures to find it more difficult being in this rotation with the pre-injury depth the Bulls appear to have for now.

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Cristiano Felicio
Cristiano Felicio: The favorite of fans to dislike, though a very likable guy who hardly should be at fault for accepting a four-year contract. What would anyone have done? He lacks the quick reactions of an NBA interior defensive player and he doesn’t shoot well. He tries, at least, and also faces his final contract season with the team.

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Patrick Williams
Patrick Williams: The No. 4 overall pick in the draft is that big upside kind of guy who looks more like an NBA power forward now with an explosive inside game who management hopes will develop into more of a wing player. He’s so young at barely 19 with a good shot and a powerful body that it’s difficult to project. He does look like a big piece for the future, though finding much playing time will be difficult this season with so many Bulls playing for their careers and futures with the franchise.

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