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There were some critical questions facing the Bulls since their worst trip to Oklahoma since scouting JamesOn Curry. Did they have anything in reserve? And could anyone spell Porzingis?

The Bulls did have plenty in reserve with 61 points off the bench led by Garrett Temple’s 21, his most in more than a year. And then there was the sweetest sight in the world for Lauri Markkanen since losing his pair of reindeer gloves, Kristaps Porzingis. Talk about Who’s Your Daddy!

Lauri Markkanen Jersey

Markkanen scored 29 points, his season high and second most since the opening game of the 2019-20 season. Zach LaVine at mostly point guard had 10 assists and contributed to as-close-as-the-Bulls-will-get to a late game shut down of Luka Donicic, and the Bulls led almost the entire game in defeating the Dallas Mavericks 117-101.

Lauri Markkanen finished with 29 points on 10-of-19 shooting in the win over Dallas on Sunday.

LaVine scored a season low 10 points on one of eight shooting while Coby White was scoreless for just the second time in his NBA career, the usually high scoring duo combining to shoot one of 13 overall. But LaVine was sparkling with his most assists in a game since his rookie season, three steals, just two turnovers despite being the primary point guard and a starters’ best plus-11 rating.

Bulls Lauri Markkanen Jersey

One afternoon, they come home from school with a detention slip for ditching the second half of the day and scoring a -22 on their math exam. Utter Disappointment. The next day, however, they’re found staying after school for extra help and scoring better than those smart-aleck kids in their biology class. So proud.

At the end of the 2019-20 season, the Bulls exited their angsty-as-hell phase, which means their learn-from-your-mistakes phase is next. Sure, they’re bound to make a handful of embarrassing blunders throughout the course of this season, but as long as they can prevent history from repeating itself, they should be on the right track.

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What if they can’t? I guess they’ll be living in Arturas Karnisovas basement … I think that is how that works.

• Lauri Markkanen trending in the right direction.

• I’m not ready to make the same “HE’S BACK!” declaration that the Bulls did last night, but I’m also not too far away from doing so either. Markkanen has looked 100 percent rejuvenated under new head coach Billy Donovan. The Finnisher is hitting his 3-pointers at a career-best rate and playing at the rim better than he has in years. He is constantly looking to drive to the hoop and using his elite size to either draw contact or finesse a finish over defenders. Good stuff, but now it is time to be consistent.

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• Markkanen’s big night came with only 10 points from Zach LaVine and 0 points from Coby White. Can he find a way to impact the game at this level while the other two are scoring as well? Also, this was his first double-double of the season, which is a mark he almost averaged during his second season in the league. Can he prove to be a more stable threat on the glass? Again, there is no question this is some of the best basketball we’ve seen from Markkanen in recent years, but he has always been a player that too often hits his strides in waves. The time is now – in a contract year – to show he can always keep the switch turned on.

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“I really thought he made great decisions and he played in my opinion a tremendous floor game where he was balanced, where he had assists, rebounding; he didn’t force anything,” said Bulls coach Billy Donovan. “Really played the right way. He got downhill (eight of eight free throws), he found his teammates. If Zach can keep evolving like that, that’s only going to help our team and make us better. Thad (Young) mentioned it to the guys after the game. He said ‘Coby and Zach, you guys didn’t score, but you played the game the right way that really enhanced and helped us win.’ Those guys are players that require a lot of attention, so it opens up things for other people and when they can play like that it’s just going to help us.”

Young equalled a season high with 15 points and both he and Otto Porter Jr. made seven of 10 shots. Ryan Arcidiacono in just his third game of the season played spirited defense to support the game changing energy of reserve center Daniel Gafford, whose first quarter play was pivotal in rousing a seemingly still suffering Bulls team following that 22-point blown lead overtime loss in Oklahoma City.

Cheap Lauri Markkanen Jersey

Gafford’s defense with a pair of blocks and causing Dallas played to pause going to the basket midway through the first quarter turned a 16-9 Dallas start into a 27-23 Bulls first quarter lead. Driven by the reserves’ play against a decimated Dallas team with six regulars facing Covid restrictions, the Bulls reserves with a boost from Markkanen hung a 40-point second quarter on the Mavericks that this time led to a 15-point halftime lead the Bulls would not fumble.

Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle pointed to that first quarter defensive stretch and then Temple’s 15-point second quarter as the turning points for the Bulls victory.

Garrett Temple scored 21 points on 9-of-15 shooting in Chicago’s win over Dallas.

“The first game I played we got the bench together before the tip off and first game, I told the bench, ‘We can be the best bench in the league because of the experience, the talent we have coming off the bench,'” Temple recalled. “Our team is going to need the bench to play well because we have such a young unit and there’s going to be times where we have to help them out. So a game like today was great to show that. Zach and Coby didn’t have a great shooting night, but obviously Lauri played really well.”

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Yes, Markkanen, who perhaps is under more scrutiny than any Bulls player after his setbacks last season and failure to reach a contract extension. It was Markkanen’s second game back after his Covid quarantine issues and just sixth of the season and third scoring at least 20 points. He exceeded 20 points last season in 10 of 50 games.

“I love Lau,” said Temple. “I love the fact that he’s been so aggressive. That’s been surprising to me. Playing against him in the past, I haven’t seen as many duck ins, as many drives to the basket. He’s been really aggressive on the offensive boards as well. Just his offensive mentality, not just being a standstill, catch-and-shoot three-point guy and occasionally a driver. He’s really been aggressive offensively. And we need him to continue to do that for this team.”

Markkanen has had some of the best games of his career against the more celebrated Porzingis, who is returning unsteadily from yet another knee issue and missed all seven of his threes while scoring 20 points. Markkanen had his coming out party as a pro in his rookie season against Porzingis in New York with 33 points and eight threes in a Bulls win. Supposedly destined for stardom in the wake of performances like that, Markkanen then suffered through injuries, health scares and unsettling coaching decisions.

He started slowly in the first quarter as Donovan faces something of a dilemma with Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr., the latter with 12 points, seven rebounds and a career high five steals. Neither is particularly emotional nor top rim protectors, two strengths of Gafford. It was his energetic play that seemed to ignite a somewhat ashen start. Though Donovan is charged perhaps primarily this season with analyzing and evaluating Carter and Markkanen. Win, sure, but make sure the franchise can make big decisions regarding the big guys.

Markkanen has been making much more effort to get to the basket, showing some of the fading bank shots that were once a fixture for him. He still flops around at times while taking contact and trying to finish, but he has been more successful this season as he also seems permitted to move from the perimeter.

“I figured they were running me off the line a little bit and I had the lane to drive,” Markkanen observed. “So it was just what the defense gave me and I just tried to be aggressive to get to the rim. And that’s what I was able to do.”

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Big man Wendell Carter hasn’t shot the ball well this preseason, and that lack of spacing threatens to hurt the Chicago Bulls’ offense.
If you Google “Wendell Carter Jr. shooting”, you’ll find a plethora of articles highlighting the work the former Chicago Bulls’ seventh overall pick has put in to refine his
jumper. Of course, whether it be Ben Simmons or Lonzo Ball, offseason stories about a poor shooter striving to improve their consistency are as ubiquitous as the missed shots
those players threw up to necessity the extra practice, to begin with, and the chances of the improvements taking hold are as random as a coin flip.

Wendell Carter Jersey

We never truly find out if the extra time put in was fruitful until we see the results in actual NBA games. When it comes to Carter — who has shot 19.7 percent in his first two
seasons in the league — any bit of progress would be welcome, but if the Chicago Bulls’ first two preseason games are any indication (I know, I know, it’s just the
preseason), there is still reason for concern.

Bulls Wendell Carter Jersey

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In the Bulls’ first two preseason games against the Houston Rockets, opposing centers mostly stayed in drop coverage whenever Carter was on the floor. Given that Carter shot 1
-for-9 from 3-point range in those games, it’s hard to blame them.

Here’s an instance of the strategy working in the first quarter of the Dec. 11 game. Zach LaVine elects to drive from the right elbow, but due to Carter’s dubious efficiency,
DeMarcus Cousins slides down to the paint while Jae’Sean Tate plays Ice coverage. LaVine makes the right decision kicking it to Carter, but the former Duke Blue Devil showed
why Cousins was so unconcerned with his shot.

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The Chicago Bulls have exercised the third-year option on guard Coby White, and fourth-year options on center Wendell Carter Jr. and forward Chandler Hutchison. By exercising their options, all players will be under contract with the Bulls for the 2021-22 season.
In his rookie campaign, White averaged 13.2 points (6th among rookies with same qualifiers), 3.5 rebounds (T-12th) and 2.7 assists (4th) over 65 games, and he shot .394 from the field (10th), .354 from three (7th) and .791 from the free throw line (2nd). He was named to the 2019-20 All-Rookie Second Team and was selected as the Kia NBA Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for games played in February after posting three consecutive 30-point outings in the month.

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Carter Jr. appeared in 43 games (43 starts) in 2019-20 and averaged 11.3 points, 9.4 rebounds and 1.2 assists in 29.2 minutes per game. In his sophomore season, he raised his averages in points (+1.0) and rebounds (+2.4) per game while shooting .534 from the field, a 4.9 percent increase from his rookie campaign. Carter Jr. posted a career- and team-best 17 double-doubles last year and was named to the U.S. Team for the 2020 NBA Rising Stars game but did not play due to injury.
In 2019-20, Hutchison appeared in 28 games (10 starts) and averaged 7.8 points (+2.6 from his rookie year), 3.9 rebounds and 0.96 steals in 18.8 minutes per game while shooting .457 from the field and .316 from three. On Jan. 29, at Indiana, he scored a career-high 21 points on 10-of-14 shooting from the field.

Womens Wendell Carter Jersey

Now, these are just two preseason games — not to mention the first bit of on-court action for the Bulls in over nine months — so none of this will matter if Carter starts
draining these shots consistently once the regular season starts, and his shooting form indicates that he might if he compiles a discernable sample size.

Cheap Wendell Carter Jersey

Still, that doesn’t do much to alleviate what we’ve seen so far, which has only served to reify why he ranked in the 13th percentile in BBall Index’s (subscription required)
per game 3-point gravity metric. And it doesn’t offer much hope for an offense that may have to work around those limitations…again.

It would be one thing if this were an elite offense being tasked with this potential chore, but this Bulls scoring attack — which finished last year with an offensive rating
3.9 points per 100 possessions worse than the league average — is anything but, especially with them handing starting point guard duties to White, who profiles more as a
secondary ball-handler.

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To get the most out of White, and the rest of the team, on offense, the Bulls need to provide them with as much spacing as possible to make the reads as easy as possible.
Hopefully, Carter’s newfound affinity for the 3-pointer will help with that. But if the shot doesn’t fall the way it needs to, it could mean another year of misses for the
entire Bulls offense.

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Chicago Bulls point guard Coby White is the man new head coach Billy Donovan plans to have handle the ball most often this season. Because of this, White’s take on the differences between the team’s old offense and the new one is interesting.

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“A Lot More Movement”
When asked about the differences in the two offenses, White’s response was pretty swift and to the point before he expounded on his initial concept

“A lot more movement,” said the 20-year-old who is heading into his second season in the NBA.

He added a few more details.

Ryan Arcidiacono Jersey

On and off the ball. It’s been good… it’s new to us but we’re starting to get used to it… There’s no time wasted. Everything is with a purpose, directly to the point. Everything is focused on us getting better.

Wow…let’s examine this for a second…White says movement on offense is new to the team. They aren’t wasting time, and everything is with purpose. The focus is on the team getting better?

The Bulls have added undrafted Kansas guard Devon Dotson on a two-way contract, executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas confirmed on the Mully & Haugh Show on Thursday morning.

Bulls Ryan Arcidiacono Jersey

“The guy that fell through the cracks in the draft” is how Karnisovas characterized the Bulls’ addition of Dotson, who averaged 18.1 points and 4.0 assists in 30 games last season. He shot 46.8% from the field and 30.2% on 3-pointers. In a change, two-way players can be active for up to 50 games for their NBA parent club this season. They had been limited to 45 days with the parent team in years past.

Dotson will compete in a backcourt mix that’s headlined by Zach LaVine and Coby White and then has some uncertainty after the Bulls declined to extend qualifying offers to Kris Dunn and Shaq Harrison. That leaves Tomas Satoransky and Ryan Arcidiacono as the others competing for minutes at guard.

Ryan Arcidiacono City Edition Jersey

The move came after the Bulls addressed other positions with their first two picks, taking Florida State forward Patrick Williams at No. 4 overall and Montenegrin center Marko Simonovic at No. 44 overall in the second round. Simonovic is playing in Serbia and will stay there for at least a year, Karnisovas said.

The Bulls still have one two-way slot open, as guard Adam Mokoka is a free agent. He filled a two-way spot last season and could return in that spot.

Authentic Ryan Arcidiacono Jersey

These comments from such a hard-working young player like White are a direct indictment on former head coach Jim Boylen. The Bulls–at least the younger players–are in unchartered waters, and they appear to be soaking up the knowledge, structure, positive approach, and perhaps most of all, the increased level of respectful communication from Donovan.

It’s difficult to see for some Bulls fans who might be frustrated with the team’s lack of offseason moves, but the biggest and most important thing the organization has done is change the culture. That was done by revamping the front office and changing the leadership on the sidelines.

The changes have seemingly put the Bulls on pace to see better results in their on-court performance.

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A Gluttony of Bulls Guards
One issue the Bulls do have at this point is a plethora of players who play the same position. White’s point guard spot is one of those positions.

Cheap Ryan Arcidiacono Jersey

Of the 20 players the Bulls have signed for the upcoming abbreviated training camp, 8 of those guys either primarily plays the point, or can man the position. Between rookie Devon Dotson, Tomas Satoransky, and Ryan Arcidiacono, it’s a good bet at least one of them will not be on the opening day roster.

Dotson could be headed for the G-League while Satoransky and Arcidiacono might be moved in a trade with a team that is in search of some veteran backcourt depth. The Bulls already allowed the oft-injured defensive stalwart Kris Dunn to leave as a restricted free agent. He was quickly signed by the Atlanta Hawks and will face the Bulls in the season opener on December 23.

Youth Ryan Arcidiacono Jersey

No matter who stays, the concept of movement is something every guard will have to embrace.